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Today's write up is an older Q45, it took approximately 7 hours to complete between 2 people. The paint is quite old and abused (Thin measurements @ between 70-80 microns). There were many scratches because the previous owner has a dog, and we decided to not chase those scratches. It was dark out when we were done so no sun shots unfortunately.

Tools used:
1 Festool rotary polisher
2 Griot's 6 inch DA
1 Griot's 3 inch DA
Festool CT 26E Vacuum
Optima steamer
Kranzle K 1120T pressure washer
Metal Halide light
3M Sun Gun
Autobrite UK Snow Foam
Mguiar APC+
Optimum car wash soap
Meguiar's C2000 clay
Dodo Juice born slippery
Electric sprayer
Raceglaze mitt
Chenille mitt
2 bucket method with grit guards
Buff n Shine pads
Lake Country pads
Scholl Concepts A15
Scholl Concepts S40
Meguiar's D300 compound
Menzerna S500 compound
Swissvax brush
Various MF towels
Prima Epic

Now onto the before pictures:

Since these are aftermarket rims with uncoated polish lip, we decided to not use any wheel cleaner. Instead, we steamed it

at this point the owner looked and said, crap my car's white


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Wheels being thoroughly cleaned:

Time to rinse off the soap!

Car getting its' second bath by little old me, soap mixed with APC to strip wax:

True condition of the paint:


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Steaming the interior:

Owner complained about a vinegar-ish smell in the smell, so we steamed the AC vents as well:

Sorry guys no during pictures as we were both very busy polishing!

Car getting another rinse here to get rid of oil and and polishing dust:

Finally, a few finished shots!

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