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Disadvantages to buying from a non-local dealer?

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I sense this may be a stupid question...

I'm getting close to purchasing my 2012 GT-R. My local dealer has one close to what I want (right color but not BE - though it has been sitting in their showroom for at least 4 mos, which makes me think they'd be open to an aggressive price). I found several of the exact model I want out-of-state, not too far away. They're all near my home town and I'd be happy to fly down and drive it back. That said, would I be risking a bad relationship with my local dealer as far as service goes since I didn't buy from them? My instinct is "no" - they still get to make money off of me for service calls - but I read a few comments on this forum that made me start to question that assumption.

I haven't considered having my local dealer try to transfer the model I want because I assume that would only result in me paying more money because the local dealer would have to go through more hassle and probably wouldn't be as open to giving me a better price.

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I think the biggest disadvantage of buying a car from a distant dealer is shipping which you won't have to worry about.

The biggest pain for me getting my car from out of state was having to register it myself, the NY DMV is a huge pain to deal with.

As far as the service goes, I have found most dealers run sales and service like two different businesses, but it really depends on what your local dealer is like. Even though my service advisor knows I didn't buy the car from his dealer he has gone above and beyond, I have nothing but great things to say about the service so far, but again this all depends on what service advisor you get.

Go with the car you really want, if thats a BE then get it out of state and enjoy it!
Ok - thanks. That's what I was thinking.
Bought my 2012 in Va and live in Brentwood, TN about 2 miles from Nissan USA HQ. The local dealer here was great on my 1,000 mile service. Treated me like I had purchased a $90k car and not a Sentra. I may be fortunate since many Nissan corporate folks buy and have their cars serviced by this dealer. My DMV work in TN was a breeze since VA dealer did all of the legwork and called our local DMV in advance of me stopping in to get my plates.
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