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Do you get a loaner when you bring in your GTR?

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Mine is going in for the exhaust leak and now, for a check up and alignment since I hit something on the highway last weekend.

I asked about a loaner and they said it's $35+/day. Seriously?

BMW always gave me a loaner. Acura always gives us a loaner, even when I brought in my 100k mile Integra. Acura's dedication to their customers is the reason we've had 3 of them over the last 10 years and the next SUV will be an Acura.

I paid for a new 2015 GTR and Nissan is going to nickel me for a 1 day loaner vehicle??

I posted this question because I looked online and it seems to be a dealer dependent thing for Nissan. Some get complementary loaners, some don't. Cool Springs Nissan gave me one for my POS last month.

So what's been the general experience here?
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I've always gotten a loaner for free. Even when its just an oil change.
I always get a free courtesy loaner even if I don't want one. lol
My dealers GTR Tech drives a loaner car to my office and swaps vehicles out with me. Gotta love great service!
I had planned on waiting but since I now will leave it with them I just called to inform them I'll be dropping it off. I asked about the courtesy loaner and Action Nissan simply doesn't do it. They offered the rental or a shuttle.

I had them put on my midpipe so it goes back to them for this. But in the future, looks like Cool Springs Nissan is my new go to dealership.
If they are a GTR certified dealer I believe they are required to have a loaner program. Your owners manual also describes that as a GTR owner you are entitled to a replacement vehicle whenever your GTR is in for service ( admittedly I do not know the fine print on this, if it continues on to owners beyond the original)

Years back with my first GTR, I had to educate the service department on this as well. I ended up rocking a base model Nissan Juke loaner while mine was in for service, maybe they did it to mock me
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I am in a wonderful Nissan Pathfinder currently because my dealer gave me a loaner for free. I wouldn't expect any less.
As i recall this is specified in the manual (as Tim said) but unfortunately its still a Nissan dealer and not a luxury brand where that level of service is mandated. As most have already stated, depends on the dealer. Havent had mine in locally for more than an oil change and i waited for it there, but will press to test if it goes in for more involved work.
I feel like you should be entitled to a loaner if your car is under warranty.

Loaner always here
I did my POS last week and got a loaner for free with unlimited miles. It was a Juke, but got me 30mpg to and from work lol.
It also depends on if you bought the car from that dealer or not. Some get their butt-holes hurt when you bring a non-dealer-purchased car there for service and expect "free things". But nonetheless, if you bought a 85k+ car, I anywhere, I expect that as well.
Bought mines from Dublin nissan and they won't give me a loaner. It is for a "due bill" too! and the kicker was it states either "no rental" or " no loaner" car on the paperwork also.

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I always got a free loaner. You shouldn't have to pay for it. Are they using a 3rd party car rental company?
if they didn't provide a rental i'd find a new dealer. i bought my car private party and get a loaner and my car is a 2010! if they don't have a loaner they called enterprise for me down the street and picked me up, also no charge.
Also -- I can't tell you if this helps anyone, but I do tip my service guy once in awhile. But in return I am very well taken care of.

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I drop my car off and either get a ride home by one of the employees or get their shuttle to my home. since i'm retired, i'd rather sit at home until service is completed, they call and come to pick me up when service is completed. I bought the car from a dealership 60 miles away but use the Nissan dealership in my home town. the reason was because the dealership didn't provide a free rental. don't need a rental, since I own a gtr, pathfinder, maxima and camry all service is at my local Nissan. they better treat me right because I fill out the questionaires. that they send in the mail. I had to explain a couple of things that did not please me. apparently, the Nissan headquarters read these. I got a phone call from headquarters and the dealership. they mentioned to me the next time I went in for service that I had given them a poor evaluation. I'm treated with more appropriate attention these days.
Yes for the GTR- Not for the Juke NISMO RS. The dealership stopped offering the loaners to anyone else but the GTR sometime last year they told me.
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