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Hey y'all, just bought my dream car, a 2018 premium blaze last weekend! I was looking only for this color and a 2018+ so got lucky. It's FBO flex ecutek tuned already with AMS catless dp and mids. Loving it so far and I've only hit the tip of the ice berg with this beast so far. Still haven't experienced it's full capabilities yet but very excited for it in the coming days and weeks ahead.

Just pulling out of the dealership and stopping at a grocery store nearby there was a 7 year old boy walking by with him mom who started screaming GTR GTR lol. Another stop at a gas station a few hours later on the trip home and I got 3 different people stop up to me and say they love it. The attention and fascination it draws from people is very surreal and I'm enjoying every moment of it 馃槵

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The attention can be fun - or not.
Always like to read the "Attention..." thread:


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Plus 4 on the colour! (y)

Welcome and Happy Motoring鈥

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I'm in Dallas and picked my car up in San Antonio lol. I had to fly out there.

What year and mileage are you getting? And is the car in San Antonio?
Oh I thought it looked familiar! You got it from Novak right?

Im flying out to Missouri and picking up a '14 w/ 26K. Should be a fun drive back /s


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[mention]kimchitacos [/mention] congrats !!! Welcome and have a fun road trip back.

That鈥檚 how many of us on here got ours - New Orleans to NY here.

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Welcome to the club. Beautiful car. And yes, you will get lots of attention with it.
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