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Great discussion. I am also interested about this topic. I am lucky to have a Sunoco E85 station about 10 minutes away from my home.
I still have to research or analyze the quality. I read in a past thread that E85 in the cold or northern states usually cut there fuel with some type additive to help with cold weather starts. The summer months of June , July , August are your best bet to get the closest to 85%. ( I'm in Pa.)

E100 is a great idea to compensate for the fuel mixture.

I'm attracted to E85 because of the massive amounts of torque it can produce. I recall Jason's Switzer E1K dyno chart when it was finished. He was almost hitting 1000 lbs of torque at around 4500 rpms. ( good lord). Great stuff.

What are your guys opinion about how corrosive E85 is? Do you believe the R35 fuel lines can handle E85 without having some type of corrosive pattern. Also the plasma sprayed bores is an area of concern.

Also , I believe the use of E85 will greatly reduce the black carbon build up on the back of our cars or exhaust tips. Is this correct?

I will discuss more in detail with Neil at Switzer performance, but that E1K is calling my name. Lol.

Power is too addicting. Lol.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts