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Purchased a 2016 BE with 5K miles bone stock late in 2017. Had no intentions of doing any mods to the car because I felt a car with 545hp didn't need anymore, but I joined the forum to be up to speed on GTR life. Quickly learned that everyone and their mother wants to race you and that got me to change my view.

In my searches, only a limited few build and tune GT-R's in the Northeast corridor. The name WGP seemed to pop up everywhere and I could see he was very involved in every aspect of GT-R forum world, so I pitched to him. I wanted to know based on his experience how to take a stock GTR to a platform level close to an Alpha 9.

My goal was to maximize the stock power-train, keep stock appearance, stock exhaust note (quiet), maintain reliability, and keep build costs down. WGP responded almost immediately, gave me an itemized list of needed components and costs. I then knew that what I wanted was not in my budget. Doug informed me that he could hit my goal by breaking up the build; thereby, keeping costs within budget.

So it took approximately 10 months and the build was executed in 2 stages for budget purposes. The first stage got me to 630hp on E85. Nine months later the final stage was completed. Residing 2 hours away from WGP, it isn't easy to get there. No worries, WGP is beyond just tuning and building. Doug will pickup and deliver the car for you.

So this is my build. It started in January of 2018 and today my build is done *(805hp, 620tq).

1 AMS 4Bar MAP Sensor
1 Electronics Fuel Pressure Monitoring Kit
1 Fueling Replacement Walbro485 Fuel Pumps
1 Fueling Replacement Fuel Filters

1 Procom S3 Turbos w/ Single Port Actuators
1 Ported DBA Turbo Inlets
1 ETS Street Intercooler

1 GotBoost Intakes
1 ID1300cc Injectors w/ PNP
1 Visconti Dual Pump Assembly 485s
1 Visconti Fuel Pump Hardwire W/ Splash Kit
1 AMS Downpipes
1 SD Conversion Kit
1 Flex Fuel Kit
1 Fuel Pressure Monitoring Kit
1 EcuTek Bluetooth Programming Kit w/ Licenses
1 HKS Midpipe
1 Cobb Exhaust Adapter
1 OEM Front O2 Sensor
4 Michelin P4S 285/35-20
1 Dynomat the entire cabin

I still need more drive time with the car but I love it and don't regret anything so far.

Its these positive experiences that make or break a business, especially one so sensitive with so many variables as this one.

I can say that WGP has made this experience painless and very easy. In comparison with any other business regardless of the type, WGP/Doug is constantly there for you and does not forget a customer once payment is done. Throughout these months, communication has always been open and prompt at all times of the day. For whatever reason, if he can't get a driver to pickup your car, he and his family will...:)

I can say from my experience that Doug and WGP are the standard to beat, and you can feel comfortable in knowing he will treat you and your vehicle with the care it deserves. WGP is a professional business you can count on.

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Similar experience here with my build. Doug is outstanding. 👍👍
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