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Ecutek RaceROM Phase 7 is officially released! I've been on the beta version for months now and personally think its awesome. The ability of the end user to be able to adjust so many variables on his own allows users to dial in their own parameters and preferences. For example, Ben Linney had mine set up such that I could adjust:

1. Boost by Gear for First

2. Boost by Gear for 2nd (full power)

3. Adjustable BOTL and Launch Rpm

4. 3 Levels of traction control.

On top of that there is still 4 custom maps that can be set up.

I run three set of wheels that range from limited traction daily drivers to slicks at the track. With phase 7 I could just adjust all the above parameters myself on the fly for whatever wheels and fuel I was using.

Here is some official info about RR7 I got from the Linneytuning website. Not all the pictures pop up so here is the direct link if you wish to see the associated pics.

March 28, 2018

By Benji Linney

Ecutek RaceROM Phase 7

GT-R RaceROM Phase 7 - New Traction control, Launch control, 12 injector updates and more…

Ecutek RaceROM Phase 7 is here

Linney Tuning and the team at EcuTek are delighted to announce the release of Nissan GT-R RaceROM Phase 7, available for all GT-R models.

Ten years in the making, Phase 7 puts the EcuTek GT-R platform at the cutting edge of what's possible with the stock ECU. Read on to see all the great features in this new release.

RaceROM Phase 7 update has the following feature updates

New Advanced Traction control system

Traction Control can play a vital role in the handling and dynamics of your GT-R. The OEM Nissan system is simply not suitable for higher than 600hp power and high level of wheel slip, it can be too intrusive harsh closing throttles or throwing an awd clutch overheat limp. Running in VDC-R mode can be more effective with stability control but can still suffer from the delayed response and throttles closing at the worst moments, sometimes dangerously so if in an overtaking situation. The driver is then faced with a 3rd option of turning the VDC off raising further the threshold for limp/throttle close but at the expense/risk of excessive wheel slip in many cases very high wheel slip causing tire wear, damage to drivetrain/FWD clutches.


The main principle behind slip based traction control is that a tyre provides the best load transfer when experiencing a small amount of slip. the simple way to look at it, is the ideal amount of slip is the one that gives the best result. As a simple guide for maximum straight-line acceleration in dry conditions, 10% slip is somewhere close to what we want, and for hard cornering, it's closer to 2% and will vary between those depending on how hard the car is cornering, the surface, the tyre type etc.


Live Data related parameters

• TC Active - Diagnostic Flags to determine TC operating mode •

TC Integral Sum - Total integral component of TC torque reduction •

TC Proportional - Proportional component of TC torque reduction •

TC Slip Error - Difference between slip filtered and slip target •

TC Slip Filtered - Slip after exponential filtering applied •

TC Slip Raw - Slip as measured •

TC Slip Target - Target wheel slip •

TC Torque Reduction - Torque reduction level sent to torque control




Custom maps - adjustable user control

custom map 3 is Traction control wheel slip…. minimum on slider allows more slip, i.e dry / straight line …. maximum allows less slip for wet / corners

custom map 4 is traction proportional ….The Slip Error is multiplied by this gain to calculate the Traction Control System Torque Reduction. increase gain from min to max you would get increase the torque reduction for any given Slip Error, lower values of TC Integral Sum mean that TC Torque Reduction is reduced, meaning less traction control interference. Gain is configurable against gear position.

custom map 5 is Traction control integral gain…..Integral correction is added to the proportional correction to give the overall Torque Reduction. The gain value is multiplied by the slip error to give an integral step value, which is added to the existing value of TC Integral Sum. The result is that the integral correction can ramp down and up to try and keep the slip closer to target.


New Launch control

Set up a Torque limit by gear X RPM


Setting up tire sizes





EcuTeK Phase 7 costs:

Contact us now to arrange time to upgrade to Phase 7. If you have Bluetooth EVi or ProEcu cables we can schedule an appointment to start calibrating your GT-R remotely, or we can also set up in person.

To upgrade to Phase 7 if you are a returning client with the same spec GT-R we tuned previously the price is £300 / $400. Update price is the same if you have an older Phase 1 or 5.2 cal file as it's a brand new fresh ROM file from scratch. New Clients without Ecutek will need to purchase from us the EcuTeK Bluetooth EVI and licences. Linney Tuning Tuning products

Please contact us using the form below to register your interest in EcuTeK Phase 7

Linney Tuning calibration request form

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YASSSS, I've been waiting for the official release!!!!

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Do I just talk to my tuner to get it updated? I've been lazy and just sitting on Phase 5 the last few years.

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I wanted to also add in some more feedback. With RR7 i was able to manually adjust settings to help dial in my 60ft on both Toyo 888R's and my slicks. I got my 60ft down to a 1.56sec on my 888r's which is the lowest I've ever had on a street tire.

On my slicks i'm hoping for an even better 60ft at the strip and an even better e.t. as Ben has added in full power in 1st and 2nd gear and left it to me adjust accordingly at the strip. This is a big thing on my end as I don't need to ask for revisions but can adjust what works for best for that surface and set up I'm running that day.

You will need the EVI blue tooth adapter to use Ecu Connect and all of the features found in RR7.



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