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A few weeks ago some of the guys up at Elicit Design Solutions in Charlotte contacted me about getting a photoshoot together with some of their most recently wrapped cars. Chris, the owner of the shop wanted to show off the new premium vinyl wrap he'd done on his wife's C300 Mercedes, I hadn't gotten any shots of Tim's 370z since he'd done the lizard green wrap (complete with scales under the vinyl!), and Jeremy's G35 had just been finished up with a similar wrap as Chris' Merc though they used a black base layer which changed the outcome dramatically. These guys do an amazing job wrapping cars. They simply look perfect in every way. Hope to do my GXP one of these days, I've already got a good theme idea!



1. Chris' Merc C300 Sport, take note of the subtle rose embossed on the front fenders

2. Tim's lizard green 370z is just jaw dropping in person, the scales on the fenders add an extra layer of awesome

3. And finally Jeremy's G35 Sedan 6M, he's sporting the 370z Aekebono brakes front and rear with full suspension

4. The brake calipers on these cars are also wrapped in a fluorescent reflective vinyl that lights up at night

5. We stopped briefly in the CPCC area and found this access road around the football field

6. Group shot of all three cars together near the Panthers' stadium

7. It was hilarious seeing everyone stop to take pictures and video of this trio rolling through the uptown on the streets

8. Found this church entrance near the courthouse with an immaculate driveway

Thanks for looking! Please check out Elicit Design Solutions if you are interested in getting some vinyl work done in the NC/SC area!
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