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Hello fellow GTR owners,

I noticed that a number of us have performed oil analysis on both Engine Oil and Transmission oil. I wanted to get a consolidated thread going where we can post all of our existing, and future oil analysis results. If the Moderators agree; maybe we can make this a sticky, as I believe this would be a great benefit to the community. There are a lot of smart forum members that can help in additional analysis of the results.

I will create a simple format for this data. Please provide feedback if there is something missing from the format or if we can benefit from tracking an additional value.

I will get us started. Please attach your oil analysis results at the bottom if your post.


Model Year of GT-R: 2012

Type of Oil Used: Mobile 1, 0W/40, Full Synthetic.

Miles on the Oil Sample: 4,000

Miles on Engine at the Time of Sampling: 7,000

Oil Changes Performed Prior to Sampling: 1

Engine Modification: Stock

Number of HPDEs on this Sample: 1

Number of HPDEs on the Engine: 1


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