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Engine System Malfunction Light on 2012

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I have a 2012 I picked up a couple months ago. It has about 2500 miles, no mods, launched once at around 1900 miles, POS was done, and it's never been tracked. As I was driving home this evening I got an engine system malfunction/visit dealer light. It didn't feel like it went into any type of limp mode and the engine/tranny sounded normal. I was not driving aggressively at the time and all temps were fine. I had bad luck with my last e92 M3 having a rare electronic problem with the fuse/junction box, right after purchase (about the same mileage). It even had the same warning
along with tranny malfunction etc. Any of you familiar with BMW will understand. I think I'm cursed.

I currently don't have an OBD scanner and of course this would happen on a Friday night, with the dealer closed and no GTR tech on the weekends. I'll provide an update once I get some info. Has anyone else had this light come on, esp. this early?
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That warning is almost always emissions related, especially if it's running normal. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Check your gas cap, make sure it's tightened down properly. I got into the habit of always tightening til I hear 2 clicks as is recommended in the manual.
Thanks. Yeah that's what I just read in the manual...what I should have done in the first place. I checked the gas cap and it was tight. It has been days since I filled up. I'll drive it some more this weekend to see if it goes away. ?Evap valve problem based on thread below, but from my understanding that was supposed to be solved back in 08.

it should still be under warranty so just have it checked out if its still on. A new car with no mods, your CEL light shouldnt come on this soon
So I took it in and still no fix. They said thought it was the evap valve based on the obd code and the fact they could not get the valve to close correctly using their system. They replaced the valve with a new one but still could not get their computer to detect that the valve was closing so they had to use an "old" method to detect the code. Their computer had trouble communicating with the ecu properly which they state may have been due to a computer update the evening before. They also found that my gas cap seal was torn resulting in the system failing to pressurize and they could even detect the gas odor when attempting to pressurizing the system. They are therefore ordering another gas cap as they now believe that is the problem. They can't prove it because of the computer glitch. No gas caps available currently so they have to order one which will take a few days. They will reattempt to verify that was the problem after replacing the gas gap. ??? I know that was a little winded but lets see what happens.
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After searching I found other threads about faulty gas cap seals and esp. evap valve issues with an actual bulletin of the evap valve in 2009. You would think they would have fixed the problem by now.
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