Hi all,

I am doing my small project on my car

Status till now

01.03.2008 First registration in Japan
01.12.2008 Import UK by JAPPerformance using an ESVA test.
05.12.2008 Car on name first owner
21.03.2011 Car bought on my name
06.10.2012 Left UK and heading to NL
03.12.2012 Importing car in NL
14.12.2012 Car import at local car registration agency.
20.12.2012 Car papers printed and ready to send
21.12.2012 Car papers sent
24.12.2012 Car papers received (see reaction #50)
27.12.2012 Picking up my plates and roadworthy test
27.12.2012 Insured and ready to go
29.12.2012 Thehitman visits the Netherlands and my house
30.12.2012 TheHitman going back to Germany

07.01.2013 Arrived back in the UK
07.01.2013 Kaizer MSP for wheel alignment and keys
07.01.2013 Arrived at JM Imports for gearbox upgrade and tuning.
24.02.2013 Arrived home safely.
10.03.2013 Gojira private meet
25.03.2013 Gojira private meet

There is only 15K mls /25K km but,

Green = completed

Red = not completed yet

Blue = under progress

Violet= upgrades received but, not installed

Yellow= cancelled


- MPH to Km/h again by removing the converter(13.04.2012)
- LED license plate light(Dec 2011) and front sidelights (13.04.2012)
- LC1 updated to LC2 at HPC with Consult III.(2009)
- LC2 to LC5 through COBB AP NIS 006 (2012)
- TM oil change (to FFL-4 ) 9.7L (OEM is rip off) (2011)
- differential oil change (75W140 GL-5 Castrol OEM) (2.1L) (2011)
- engine oil change (Mobil1 0w40 new life) (5.5L) + K&N filter (Dec 2011)
- Engine oil changed to 10w60 (4.5L)+ K&N filter. (Apr 2012)
- Solenoids cleaning VB GR6.

- Airco gas check.
- removing scratches on the frontlip. (not useful so let it be as it is).
- Carbon footmat worn (see pic).
- Passenger seat worn on the inside.
- two front tyres changed because of alignment.
- Coolant line extension to the underside for overpressure.
- Foglight changed from side 03.05.2012
- Fog light seperate and reverse light back both working (2012.5.4).
- Headlights alignment change from directions.(31.05.2012)

- backup camera install.
- NGK spark plugs change (DILKAR8A8 93026)
- 18.2 plates (approved)

Engine upgrades

- Cobb AP NIS 005
- Cobb AP NIS 006 upgrade

- GTC 650R conversion (630hp fly = 1.3bar (19psi).

> Apexi 500-A029 Intake with custom intake pipes with MAF sensors.(Won't fit)
> Agency highflow downpipes (catted)
> GTC 4" y-pipe resonated (custom)
> GTC 4" Titan catback

> ID 1000cc injectors
> Okada plasma coil pack set
> Forge coolant hoses
> Forge engine oil cap
> forge alu header tank

> Nismo rad cap.
> Nismo oil cap

> Nismo oil cap billet (350Z )
> HKS rad cap.

> HKS purple oil cap
> Samco vacuum hoses
> NGK spark plugs change (DILKAR8A8 93026)
> Rear diff oil seals
> HKS drop in fuel pumps 14007-AN003
> ATI crank pulley damper

> Forge Induction Kit cancelled, v1 discontinued.
> Boostlogic 3" intake aluminmum polished.


> GTC custom tune 1.3 bar (19 psi)


> XS power titanium intercooler pipes ,Turbo intake pipes 2 3/8"; (60mm) 2 3/8" (60mm) intercooler pipes 2 3/8" to 2 1/2"
> Greddy RZ BOV twin VTA setup

Transmission parts:


WR35PS 2 GTR piston seals replacing (broken)
WR35CC 3 GTR Transmission Gears fastener set
WR35PS 1 GTR Gearbox Piston Seal replacement
WR35CCL 2 GTR Clutch Retaining Clips

WR35DS 1 GTR Rear LSD Super Lock Kit
WR35TB 1 GTR GR6 Transmission ace
WR35GS 8 GTR Gear Stoppers
WR35TPU 1 Transmission Pressure Unit
WR35GM 1 GTR Urethane Transmission Mount
WR35TSB 2 GTR Bell-Housing Shims
Rear diff oil seals 2 x OEM
HKS oil pan baffle honeybcomb

HKS ATSC 4WD torque adjuster


Brake upgrades:

- Air ducts front brakes 3" custom made.
- Alcon J hooks discs
- Pagid RS29 pads
- performance friction street/track pads
- Agency power front brake lines
- Agency power rear brake lines

- EBC yellowstuff pads

Misc upgrades:

GTC 4 light kit
APR Nissan GT-R R35 Carbon Fiber License Plate Backing
[CBX-R35LIC] (Dec 2011)
Full LED swap including the reverse lights (July 2012)
Handake bypass and speed signal bypass (29.11.2012)

Optima yellowtop 2.7RJ gel battery upgrade ( March 2012)
Ctek XS3600 trickle charger with comfort indicator (November 2011)
Ctek XS25000 trickle charge for the quick jump starts (July 2011)

Nismo chrome stainless license plate frame

I am doing it slowely so have patience

Some pics at events

Race Wars Heusden/Zolder Be 15.04.2012:

JAF 2012: 29.04.2012

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