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Evo 10 vs, not Like that

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Hey guys I'm not super new just read a lot and don't post very often. Anyways, I'm interested in buying a gtr soon since the prices on used ones are coming down a bit, thing is I love the feel and modability of my Evo 10, and can't afford to have both since I still owe a descent amount on the Evo.

Question is, have any of you guys gone from Evo 10 to gtr and had any regrets or missed it in any way? I've only sat in a gtr never drove one but Im starting to want more of a total package sports car with leather etc. I could trade my Evo for an Evo 10 mr touring (I have gsr) which would give me the amenities or just go for the larger gtr. I'm just worried about size and weight of the gtr adding a disconnect in driving feeling. I do drag racing and time attack, any insight woul be appreciated. Thanks
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Thank you Krea.tion, I'm must have typed in the wrong thing in the seach because I didn't see this thread.
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