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Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX MR
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8.000rpm is something not many road cars can do, especially not turbocharged ones.
9.000rpm is something even fewer cars can achieve. Notable mentions are high strung VTEC engines and the manically rotating Wankels.
10,000rpm you usually only see on YouTube videos.
What about a street car revving to 11.000rpm and with every gear shift comes the distinctive whistle of a blow off valve? We here at have only witnessed that with Extreme Tuners Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The best part was, we got to ride shotgun while it was doing it!

The 4G63T has a well known reputation of being a bulletproof motor with tons of potential by being able to withstand increased boost pressure and producing lots of horsepower in the process.
It is though a hefty little engine with it's iron cast block, and it's been years since it was first designed and engineered. Generally, it's not that good at revving and it can have sluggish throttle response.
The last two disadvantages needed to be violently extinguished, and it was the determination of Mr. Spiros Panopoulos to find a solution. For those who are not familiar with his name, that will change soon enough as he has got a couple of top secret projects in the works that will largely out do the car featured here!

At first glance you'll notice it's a black Mitsubishi Evolution IX MR US-spec.
When you start looking at the details the only thing that may give it away are the wide 18inch wheels with semi-slick tires and the humungous 10pot D2 calipers on 380mm brake discs at the front and 6pot calipers on 333mm discs at the rear. Head to the rear of the car, and you'll see a GReddy exhaust. Not much gives away this cars violent intentions. If it wasn't an EVO, you might say this car is a bit of a sleeper. But you can't really call an EVO a sleeper, can you?

The first shock is felt from the triple plate clutch which is capable of withstanding 180kgm of torque (1300lbf*ft). It's incredibly stiff on the pedal and it takes quite a bit of practice to get used to especially when you're in traffic. Yeah, that's right, we said "traffic" cause this car sees a lot of it as it's a true streetcar that does a lot of daily driving. The Lancer weighs in at 1447kg as it's got a full interior, sound system, stock seats and functional air condition.

The next shock comes from the transmission. It's incredibly fast and accurate with the ability of changing gears in just 100msec. It doesn't even need the clutch to change up (see video) and it's very durable as it withstands the power and torque from the engine with ease.

The biggest shock of all though is the engine, which is what most of you want to read about, but we'll get to the that in a bit.
Being in this EVO at full throttle is a great experience that's more addictive than… [You know we can't say that. The Ed.]
In most cars you can feel that when you're close to the rev limiter that the engine is at it's peak and you can feel it start to lose power.
In this EVO IX there is no such feeling. It's as if the power never stops coming no matter how high in the revs you are. The only real reason this car shifts at 11.000+ rpms is not cause it's out of power, it's just a safety precaution to protect it from itself!
In most tests, we notice that with every gear change, the rpms drop significantly. Upon review of the video we took, we couldn't believe our eyes when after gear change the rpms were still at 9000 keeping the engine at peak band of power.

The only bad thing about this car is that everything ends so fast.
Lets say you're cruising at 100km/h and along comes a challenge. The signal is given, off you go. Our VBOX recorded that from 100km/h to 200km/h it only took 4,59 seconds. That's Bugatti Veyron speeds, a car that costs 1,5million euros and its eqquipted with DSG transmission!
You'd swear that the engine is built solely for races, but it loves to rev and never feels tired even all the way to it's (self imposed) limit of 11.000rpm.

Any time you feel like experiencing it's incredible acceleration, just take your foot off the gas, downshift and give it full throttle. You'll be exceeding speed limits in about a second. It can also cure your melancholy better than an electric shock!
For best results repeat often.

How is it that this awesome machine can rev past the "Snow" indicator? And how does it manage to do so while the barometer is stuck at 1.0 bar (approx. 14PSI) boost all the way through?
When we asked the tuner how such things were possible we were simply told to "look at the mod list" and "you should see what it does at 2+ bar boost"!

The Achilles heel of most EVO's when modded at this level is the transmission. To remedy this problem they found solutions in a 5 gear dog box, a Quaife transfer case, a reinforced rear differential, and stronger axle rods from Driveshaft Shop.
The above mods are capable of withstanding up to 1400hp. For now the EVO has some unfinished business to settled with a Hayabusa turbo and a Yamaha R1 turbo, but the minute this dogfight is over the owner has promised us more time to measure it's times from a standstill.

This particular car has been through many different evolutions (i.e. setups) of its own to become what it is today. Adjustments with boost pressure, various cam setups, shorter gear ratios and a long list of common EVO mods. Regardless of all it has been through to become what it is today, it's not staying this way for long as it's due for yet another evolution. All this is done till the owner finds the perfect setup. The only thing we were told is that the boost is due to go up and the transmission will have some new ratios. Opponents better get used to seeing this car leaving them behind.

It's amazing when a car manages to give you whip lash even when you change into 4th gear. I wonder what that looks like from the outside…
On roads with really good traction the EVO even spins through 3rd gear. Taking notice on it's pass with full throttle it appeared as if it's not really gripping well to the tarmac. This made us wonder what was going on, but the problem was just that the fresh semi-slick tires just couldn't handle the power through 3rd.
On low grip tarmac, I don't think I'd want to ridding shotgun. It's power would be just too dangerous at full throttle in anything but 5th gear.

The only thing better than an engine revving at 11.000rpms at close to 1 bar boost, has to be 11.000rpms at 2+ bar boost! And we will be there…


Displacement: 2021cc
Bore x Stroke: 85,5 x 88mm
Extreme Tuners custom Turbo T3 frame
Compressor's impeller 72mm (diameter)
Compressor's A/R 0,76, Turbine's A/R 0,86
Extreme Tuners custom 1500+Ps specs pistons 13:1cr 12000rpms
Extreme Tuners chromoly 4340 custom pins
Extreme Tuners Aluminum rods 1500+Ps 164mm length
custom Age 12mm 625 stud kit
custom Age 625 rod bolts
Extreme Tuners custom forged 88mm 4340 billet crank 10.8kgr
Extreme Tuners custom port stage 3 cylinder head
Extreme Tuners titanium valves
Extreme Tuners berilium valve seats
Extreme Tuners stage 3 custom cams
mechanical lifters
HKS cam gears
HKS timing belt
Small battery kit ETS
custom Extreme Tuners 12000+rpm capable spring kit - valvetrain kit
Magnus intake manifold
Extreme Tuners 1200Ps fuel kit
1600cc injectors
aeromotive fuel regulator
Boomba Racing Throttle Body flatshift system + ecu
Extreme Tuners Custom ECU management system with traction control
4bar map sensor
HKS ignition
Custom ETS 1400Ps spec intecooler Kit
Tial blow off valve
Tial new gen ext wastegate 60mm
Extreme Tuners Custom stainless steel exhaust tubular manifold
Custom exhaust pipe 80mm
GReddy titanium tail pipe

Extreme Tuners custom 3plate (178kgr torque clutch cintered)
Extreme Tuners billet lightweight flywheel
Extreme Tuners custom dogbox for 1400+Ps (custom ratios)
RearDif solid cast us spec 1400+Ps capable
Transfer case Quaife
Drive axle driveshaft shop

custom KW variant 3 new stainless suspension

D2 racing 380mm frond big brake kit 10pot with billet calipers
D2 racing 333mm rear big brake kit 6pot with billet calipers

18in x 9,5 wheels
Semi-slick federal 245/35-18

CAR WEIGHT (no fuel)

Roll (2nd gear)
60-100 1,4s
60-120 2,19s
60-160 4,03s
60-200 5,99s
100-200 4,59s

Acceleration (3rd gear)
100-120 0,75s
120-160 1,86s

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