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I am getting a lot of inquires about these wheels and tires so I will answer the questions I am being asked in my PM's. The tires have one track day on them. They are all at 7/32 tread depth. And have a lot of mileage left on them. No punctures no plugs or sidewall damage. 3 of the 4 wheels are in excellent condition no marks at all. Just some minor scratches where the lugs go in. Not visible with the lug nuts on. The other wheel has some scuffs on the outer edge from when I had the tires replaced. The guy that switched my tires around let the bar slip and he caught the lip. I have an appointment on Tuesday to have the wheel repaired at west hills Nissan. The tpms sensors are in my g2 wheels. So normal valve stems are in these rims.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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