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Finally got the wife a GTR!

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Found this beautiful Midnight Opal GTR for the wife. It was either an R8 or an Opal GTR, so....
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GAHHHH I love that color!!
that's amazing..congrats to both of you!!! lucky wife lol happy wife happy life
Wowzers. That's a beautiful car
Awesome gift congrats to you and the misses

just living the dream
Damn!! I thought my wife was the best spouse ever when she bought me a VFR 800 a few moons ago for a surprise birthday present. You da man!! Make sure that you remind her that there's no excuses for being late anymore.
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That's one lucky lady
. Pictures do it no justice. Absolutely stunning color in person.
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Very nice! I've always liked that color, and I figured the gold would clash, but it looks amazing! Congrats
Nice! Congrats
Awesome color! And congrats I'm sure you both must be so happy!
Beautiful car and beautiful color, congrats to you both!
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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