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first time out 11.38 @ 128.67

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hello all

yesterday i try my new map from jack @ hplogic ;o)

first mod was only mid pipe (5zigen + kn filter)

i run my car with 91 oct here in quebec but before the race a put like 50$ of 94 oct ( mix with maybe 4-5 liter of 91 oct..

first pass was the only pass i make because of knock and i ran 11.38 @ 128 mph???
temperature was about 23 degree

lc was in RRR mode at 2800 rpm 1.882 0-60

the only thing if when i leave the track and it the highway no more knock at all!!!
normal or not!!!

my question is ,do you think i can touch the 10.?? if i used gas like c16 with the same tune
because now everything seem to be ok no more knock
maybe is due to the small amount of 91 oct in my tank before i put the 94 oct...

again thank for your input and sorry for my bad english ;o)



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The easiest way to consistent run 10's is get the ap006 level 1 or 2 launch. Have your tuner look at your log. In real hot weather, I have seen knock less than 0.2 s after the launch on the log. When you are on the highway, your ic is not heat soaked so intake temp is lower.
You should datalog and send it to Jack if you are getting knock. Likely it's happening due to the fuel.

Take care of the knock, and get a good launch with NIS 006 or LC4 when it's available. You should be able to hit high 10's ..
Yes i just talk with jack and he look to my log everything is perfect .. my knock was dur to the rest of the 91 in the tank

i need to upgrade to cobb 006

my question on the double pump is we need to pump gas or brake !!!

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I believe both works, but I used to perform multiple pumps on the gas. It is a solution if you want to run good ET but you will have hard time cutting a good light in a heads up competition. With AP006, I just ran a 10.66 with a 0.08s reaction time and the total under 10.75 seconds. ET for bragging rights, ET+reaction win races.
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