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The buyer of my car opted not to take the HRE wheels. He lives in NJ/NY area where potholes will surely make a mess out of these nice wheels.

21' HRE 843R Shiny black lip with matte textured black spokes. Very clean looking, no exposed bolts or tire valve. No curb rash or dents. There is a very small blemish on one of the wheels but it hard to see. I will post a higher resolution picture of this a little later. These wheels fit perfectly on my car without spacers. Sorry, I have no idea what the offsets of the wheels are.

21" x 9.5" fronts

21" x 10.5 rears

Yokohama Advan Tires: 255/35/21 fronts, 295/30/21 rears. I'd say, 85-90% fronts and 80-75% rear tread left on the tires. I believe these tire sizes are the closest to OEM rolling radius available.

I weighed the OEM 20" wheels, with smaller OEM Runflat Bridge Tires at 90% tread, and this HRE setup. Even with the larger and wider wheel and tire diameter, this package is still lighter than OEMs. This also ride smoother and not as harsh as OEM.

Front 20" OEM with tires: 63.4 lbs per wheel/tire
Rear 20" OEM with tires: 65.2 lbs per wheel/tire

Front 21" HRE with tires: 56.6 lbs per wheel/tire
Rear 21" HRE with tires: 59.4 lbs per wheel/tire

These are over $8k new. Asking $5000.00 plus shipping. Rays Duraluminum locking lug nuts not included. If you come and pick it up I will include the Rays lugnuts.

I tried taking a picture of each wheel with my screen name on it, but I think it only showed up on one or two pictures, sorry.

Lowball offers will be ignored. NO, I will not sell the wheels without the tires or the TPMS. So don't bother asking.


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