Reason for sale: Originally part of a Omega 12 upgrade 2 years ago, where it was found that the existing high-flow catted midpipe (since sold) was too restrictive; AMS said another 75 HP could be found with this midpipe. That was true, but I found that with my particular circumstances, the non-catted exhaust smell was too annoying; other than that, it worked well. Boostin Performance (another shop/tuner) was able to replace this one with another CATTED midpipe, and make about the same I now have the best of both Worlds, and need to sell this non-catted midpipe which is no longer being used. Perfect condition.

Cash, Zelle, or certified check only (I stand on my reputation!)

$800 if P-U can be reasonably close to Chicago or N.E. Illinois, but $35 extra for shipment to 48 States.

PM me if interested.