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I have a set of SIR USM turbos for sale in almost new condition!! Used for two track days.. About 8-10 passes on them. They come with upgraded actuators!! These turbos are good for 900-1000whp depending on mods and your tune.. Almost brand new turbos!

Price: $4000.00 no core turbos needed. You can keep your own turbos!
Willing to ship at buyers expense.
If using PayPal. Please add 3%.

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How much power are you making now?
Well... we don't know right now... it's having a fuel issue that they are trying to track down.

But... it's a giant 4'' exhaust setup free flowing with a massive race IC thats showing negative IATs and it also has cams.

IDC for ID2K is at 70% which statistically would be at 1015...

We'll see...
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