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Today we had a customer bring his low mileage, mint condition 2011 G37 IPL from Chattanooga Tennessee to our Marietta Georgia location to have some first-round bolt-on modifications installed. The owner purchased his car back in December and has managed to keep it absolutely spotless yet bone stock. After almost a year he decided it was overdue for some personalization to set it apart from the rest of the stock G37's on the road. We installed the following:

• Stillen Gen 3 Dual Intakes
• Stillen Grounding Kit
• Samco Radiator Hoses
• Greddy Oil Filler Cap
• Greddy Radiator Cap
• JDM Tail Lights
• GT Spec Strut Tower Brace

Because this specific ECU ROM file is not yet supported, Sharif downloaded the factory ROM file and it's being processed by UpRev as we speak. In a week or so, we'll invite the customer back for an FP Spec Custom Dyno Tune.

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