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We are just wrapping up another Forged Performance Nissan GT-R VR38 FP1-R Shortblock build. This particular engine is being shipped to a customer in the Netherlands. Our customer wanted a motor that could handle in the quadruple WHP numbers and our FP1-R was the perfect match for his build plan.

Many of you are familiar with our long history of building high powered engines in the 350Z VQ35 world long before the GT-R was even a pre-production prototype. With years of experience working with Nissan engines, we started with a solid understanding of how Nissan builds their VQ35, VQ37HR, and now the VR38's.

Back in late 2008, we started formulating the key elements of our engine program for the VR38 and quickly introduced one of the first built engines for the Nissan GT-R. At the time, you'll recall a few debates about the best way to build the VR38 and whether wet sleeves, liners, or OEM was the best way to go. Drawing from our past experience with the VQ35 and various weaknesses we saw, we made the decision to use our own custom nodular iron registered liners (not wet sleeves) in our FP1-R shortblocks. This provides tremendous cylinder wall strength, without compromising the structural integrity of the OEM aluminum block.

We start with a BRAND NEW VR38 block casting, crankshaft, and all new OEM supporting parts. The OEM rods and pistons are replaced with Manley forged rods, and our own moly coated FP Spec Arias Extreme Duty pistons. To this day, we haven't seen a piston that is stronger and more durable than our design; a design that has been proven in hundreds of Nissan engines over the years. The block is precision CNC machined to accept a new nodular iron cylinder liner. The iron liner allows for the long term reliability and exceptional strength when running forged pistons at very high power levels and high RPM's. The is the same proven strategy used in numerous 1500whp+ builds in the exotic car world. After the liners are fitted the cylinder walls are bored and honed to .0001 tolerance and the block is decked flat. The liners are purposely left .001-.002 above the deck for head gasket seating and block expansion purposes. Finally, all of our engines are measured and assembled entirely in house by our experienced engine builders to our precise clearances and specifications.

Our engines have been in high demand, so we're shipping them out as soon as they are done. But once our backlog is relieved we'll be stocking shortblocks on the shelf ready for immediate shipment. Available in 3.8L or 4.0L displacements at no extra charge.

For more information and detailed specifications on the FP1-R Shortblock please visit the Forged Performance Online Store

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