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Last weekend the Forged Performance Motorsports Team visited Road Atlanta for the MVP High Performance Driving Education Track Event. Our weekend started off Friday afternoon by loading up our enclosed two car hauler with a pair of Nissan GT-R's! In addition to the familiar Forged/Catesby OLOA GT-R, we also brought a brand spanking new 2012 Black Edition that had just arrived from a dealership in Texas. After this track test, the car was put back on a hauler and shipped to the customer down in Florida. You have to admire a man that knows how to properly break in his brand new GT-R with a thorough track test and looked to Forged Performance to setup his GT-R, also for OLOA 2012. It's good to see people from all across the country using our track experience, coaching, and services to help them be successful on the track AND the street. Look for Sharif's upcoming track writeup shortly as we didn't change a whole lot on this particular GT-R but the laptimes were impressive.

After two days of intense 3 lap blasts of testing in both dry and wet conditions we were able to ensure that both GT-R's were more than ready to tackle the extremely hard conditions of the One Lap of America race. While we were "at work" we still managed to meet with many friends and customers and thoroughly enjoyed our weekend doing what we are passionate about. I also managed to get photos of many of the very impressive high end sports cars that called Road Atlanta home for the majority of this past weekend. Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, GT-R, Z06 and Viper were all seen on track.

You can always stay up to date on future events that we will be attending by clicking the "like" button here: FORGED PERFORMANCE FACEBOOK PAGE

And if you are interesting in getting involved in track days and motorsports activities, don't hesitate to email or call any one of our staff. We know just how to get you started...from Novice to Expert.

For desktop wallpapers of a Nissan GT-R, Dodge Viper, Porsche GT3RS and Lamborghini Aventador check out my latest post on the FORGED PERFORMANCE BLOG

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