Hi everyone!

It's about that time of the year that we lock down and starting planning our annual NAGTROC/GT-R Owners track day at the historic Virginia International Raceway in Danville, VA. Every year, this event grows in size and scope, last hosting about 40 cars! Although we are finalizing the event details, I wanted to get the date out in front of everyone so you can start clearing out calendars.

Forged Performance/GT-R Life 5th Annual GT-R Owners Track Day
Date: Monday July 22, 2013 with the usual Meet-and-Greet on Sunday evening.

This year, our event will follow the NASA Mid Atlantic 3 day Weekend which means those looking for more track time can sign up for their Sunday HPDE. I know that about 10-15 of our customers and friends will also be signing up for the Sunday track time. Consider it a "warm up" for the main event on Monday!
As in years past, our event is still open to all makes and models. VIR raised their rental rates this year, but we are trying very hard to keep the cost about the same as least year at $425 but there may be a small increase.

Here is the signup link for the event. Mark your calendars now for Monday July 22, 2013, and Sunday July 21st if you are planning to attend the NASA event.

To get our juices flowing, here is our video recap from last year:

Sign Up's! I took the liberty of adding a few usual suspects to the list.

1) [email protected]
2) [email protected]
3) [email protected]
4) [email protected]
5) ToastZ
6) Roncfp
7) Matt Isbell
8) Pi-Man
9) Shawn Hayes
10) [email protected] (rematch buddy?)

11) MC
12) Davin
13) Unibomber
14) Mcduck
15) Harrison
16) Dcgolfdrr
17) Jabend
18) Alpha Performance (1 car)
19) h8rade (sounded like a YES to me)
20) Chefandyyang (ditto)
21) Kumaik
Jose G.
24) Kim G.
25) Juan S.
26) Kurt D.