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After a long 13 hour day at the shop for our 7th annual Open House and Dyno Day a small group of the Forged Performance Team met at the shop Sunday morning at 7am to attend Caffeine and Octane. For those that do not know this monthly early AM meet is held the first Sunday of every month at Northview High School in Johns Creek. This event draws a spectacular group of automotive enthusiasts including exotics, classic muscle cars, high end Japanese sports cars and more. For this month's event Sharif brought out the #003 Lexus LFA, the Forged Performance race prepared GT-R and Catseby Jones's street/track setup GT-R that he and Sharif will be competing with in the 2012 Lap One of America Event.

It was definitely surreal experience to see these cars rolling down I-285 at 7:30 am on a Sunday morning. Nothing stops traffic like these machines.

We arrived at Northview High School about 8:00am and reserved our spots. As I was getting out of the GT-R I was piloting I could see the swarms of people flocking toward us. From being around the LFA I am used to that though. While over half the people were gawking at the heavily modified GT-R's and Lexus's supercar I took the opportunity to capture some photos of other cars (and a baby goat?!?!) attending this months meet!

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