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As some of you know, our constant growth has forced us to open up what we refer as F2 or Forged2. This is a second location just 2 minutes from our main location which houses our race fabrication department, parts development center, engine building room, and transmission assembly quarters. Each section of F2 is fully stocked with the necessary equipment and amble room to build and maintain the high powered race and street vehicles we are known for preparing. Our lead fabricator, Chris, can build just about anything from raw slabs and tubes of metal.

Another thing F2 is great for is it's industrial style location for photoshoots! The warehouse area makes a great spot to park a car, hook up my strobes, and fire away. We have been so busy with track events almost every weekend that I really haven't had time to do any static automotive photography. Before we headed out for this weekend's PCA event at Road Atlanta, I decided to do a quick legit photoshoot of the Forged Performance GT-R. As many of you know, the Forged GT-R is among the fastest road racing GT-R's in the country and attracts an enormous amount of attention on the street and track. That's right, this baby is still tagged, titled, and insured! I am pretty happy with the results of the shoot and just wanted to share some pictures with everyone. Make sure to also check the link to download desktop wallpapers.

To download desktop wallpapers please visit my latest post on the Forged Performance Blog
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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