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If your GT-R sees track time, or any sort of spirited driving, then it deserves to have a proper set of performance brake pads. What's our solution? Endless. Forged Performance has been using Endless brake pads for years. We've proven the efficiency of these pads by putting them through rigorous track testing and they have never failed to provide us with the performance we expect out of a track oriented pad. Every time you see a Forged Performance vehicle on the track, you can guarantee it'll be running a set of Endless brake pads.

For a limited time every order of endless pads will ship with a free bottle of Endless brake fluid!

Endless MX-72 Street/Track Pads

The Endless MX72 Brake pads are the best choice for your street driven GT-R. They have the initial bite of a race pad without the noise. They will also perform well at the track if you are enthusiast who tracks their GT-R's sparingly throughout the year. These pads improve upon the ever-popular CC-X with better braking stability and pedal feel at higher temperatures, all while decreasing rotor wear. The MX72 are the ultimate, dual-purpose, street / light track pads for your GT-R.

Front- $489 Shipped
Rear- $339 Shipped

Endless N05U Track Pad

The N05U are our most popular track day pad, yet suitable for street driving as well. The N05U is a semi-metallic compound, developed for racing and rally. It is a step up in initial bite and is more "straight-forward" with regards to brake power when compared to the once popular ME20. The pedal feel and brake power is excellent and equal across the speed range with excellent modulation in all instances. This is our favorite pad for the frequent track day/time trial GT-R. Noise and dust are moderate but easily tolerable for street use. We also tell people if they like the ME20, they will love the N05U. It's a better pad all around at the same price too.

Front- $509 Shipped
Rear- $359 Shipped

Plenty in stock and ready to ship! If you have any questions please give me a call or pm.

Michael Gallardo
1 - 20 of 193 Posts
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