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We hope everyone had a great New Year and are looking forward to 2022!

We figured we would start off the New Year with an awesome 10% off special on Forgeline Wheels!

Over the years here at Cicio Performance we have had the opportunity to try just about every wheel manufacturer on the planet and it's safe to say that some companies stand above the rest!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or call us at 678-297-7770!

We do keep select models for certain cars in inventory as much as possible, so feel free to reach out and inquire about our zero to little lead time options!!!

About Forgeline

Forgeline formed in 1994 with the express purpose of building custom lightweight forged wheels for road racing applications. For over 27 years since, they have applied their racing experience and passion for motorsport toward designing and building wheels that can withstand the extreme demands of sports car racing. With an unwavering commitment to strength, safety, and performance, they have earned their place on some of the world’s fastest race cars, including the million-dollar Glickenhaus SCG003 and the factory-engineered Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R and Ford Mustang GT4!

Custom Made to Order

Every Forgeline forged wheel is custom made-to-order for each individual customer and each unique vehicle application. This extremely resource-intensive manufacturing process ensures that every order is individually engineered, precision machined, hand finished, and custom powder coated to deliver a perfect vehicle fitment and to fulfill each customer’s personal creative vision.

Forged for Greatness

Every Forgeline wheel is engineered using computer-simulated finite element analysis and tested beyond SAE standards using real-world load variables to ensure strength, safety, and performance. Innovative features like I-beamed spokes, hidden titanium ARP fasteners, meticulously-engineered centers, and complex manufacturing techniques ensure that Forgeline wheels are strong, fast, and stunning.
Forgeline forged wheels are precision-machined from heat-treated 6061-T6 aluminum that is forged on a 6000-ton hydraulic press. This forging process aligns the grain structure, reduces porosity, and increases uniformity in the material, creating the highest strength-to-weight ratios and the most consistent quality. On average, their forgings are 40% stronger than cast aluminum.

Made in USA!

Every Forgeline forged wheel is manufactured under one roof, at Forgeline’s manufacturing facility located in Dayton, Ohio. Forgeline Motorsports is honored to be part of Dayton’s manufacturing heritage and to leverage Dayton’s culture of innovation and productivity. And their team of American craftsmen is proud to manufacture the world’s finest custom-made high-performance lightweight automotive wheels using complex manufacturing techniques, cutting-edge engineering technology, and advanced materials.

Keep it all in House

Forgeline’s own in-house manufacturing and engineering capabilities also provide unparalleled flexibility when it comes to vehicle fitments, wheel sizing, and custom finish options. Whether you need a wheel that is specially-built to accommodate your unique suspension and brake package, or you just want a custom color combination to express your own individual personality, Forgeline can get it done! They can even build completely original one-off wheel designs for prototypes, show cars, and creative enthusiasts who wish to have a truly original wheel.