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Formula 1 & Football in Augusta

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I've already messaged the people I know with GT-Rs in Augusta, and a couple of them are coming, but I know there's at least a couple more around town. I thought it would be cool to meet up at my house on Sunday the 11th to watch some F1 and football. Not really a crazy party or anything, just gonna be pretty laid back watchin' the tube. I may cook some burgers or something. Can bring wives/kids, etc I don't care. I got a couple friends from work coming, too, and they all love cars. Maybe we'll fit a cruise in around town. Kinda playin' it by ear. Us GT-R owners need to meet up. Also, if you own any kind of exotic, you're invited, too. =)

If anyone is interested message me or reply here and I'll message you the details.

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