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We are building the foundation to a great youtube channel to bring you the best of HD racing. The content will be high definition racing of everything a true enthusiast wants to see. We will also be building a photo gallery, and this is where all you locals come into play. As a hobby of mine, I do a lot of photography and have invested in quite of bit of gear over the past few years. I would love to setup a time/date with some of the nicest R35's (and whatever else is in the garage) in South Florida. I will post the pictures of your car here in the photos section as well as on the TRC gallery, and even give you the raw files to use at your discretion. I can also print great quality photos as big as 13x19in.

Please post in here (or PM us) if you would like a photo shoot, as our schedule's keeps filling up with other video shoots and photo shoots, I will try to at least knockout 1-2 photo shoots a week.

Here are a few sample shots from the last track event I was at... hope you enjoy.

Familiar Nizmo? :D (PM me I have more if you want them)

Looking forward to shooting some nice cars!!

-TRC (Keith)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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