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Race Ramps is kicking off a Safety First FREE wheel chock offer today which runs through 31-Mar-2012. Get a pair of Race Ramps branded wheel chocks with the purchase of any of the following service ramps:

RR-40 40-inch Race Ramps Sport Ramps
RR-56 56-inch one-piece Race Ramps
RR-56-2 56-inch two-piece Race Ramps
RR-XT 67-inch one-piece Race Ramps
RR-XT-2 67-inch two-piece Race Ramps

The above ramps with the Heavy Duty option will also qualify for the free wheel chocks rebate. Race Ramps will ship the wheel chocks to you upon receipt of a copy of your invoice and a completed Rebate Form available at the "Specials" page of our website.

While our custom 2-Stage Incline and Progressive Incline Race Ramps are not strictly included in the official free wheel chock offer, Reverse Logic will be including a pair of the Race Ramps branded wheel chocks with the purchase of our RLL-72-2, RLL-82-2, or RLL-89-2 ramps during the promotion period ending on 31-Mar-2012. It won't be necessary to complete the wheel chocks rebate form for any of the RLL custom ramps.

The standard Race Ramps with a 10.75˚ incline are too steep for the GT-R, but, our 2-Stage Incline ramps have an initial slope of 6.8˚ and our Progressive Incline ramps have an initial incline of only 4˚. The RLL-72-2 Race Ramps are 72" long by 12" wide by 8" high. These ramps sell for $315 delivered to any destination in the 48 Continental States. We can also get the RLL-72-2 ramps to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico at this same price via USPS Parcel Post.

The Race Ramps wheel chocks that are included with this offer normally sell for $31.00/pair.


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