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I think I have posted this before but I thought I would put it out there again. I have a 2009 and until I modified the front under tray it had to be removed to do an oil change. In addition I added an aftermarket intercooler and hard pipe kit.

After awhile the plastic that holds the clips began to tear. In one place it wouldn't hold the mounting clip at all. To fix this I found some small nail strips at my local hardware store. I then dilled a 3/8 th inch hole in the middle and pop riveted the strap in place.

Recently I removed my rear tray to install an updated version of my carbon fiber diffuser fins and found I was having the same problem with the clips in the rear fender wells. In this case I used two straps, one on each side and it worked fine.

You can pick up all the materials at your local hardware store or pm me and for $20 I will send you a set of five with everything you need except for the pop rivet tool.



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