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FS: '09 GTR Parts

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All perfect operating condition. 6k miles or less on the parts. This list will change as I will be adding much more. I will get some pics also.

Prices INCLUDE shipping:

Aftermarket Parts:
Go Fast Bits Blow Off Valves, Stealth FX, Blue: $365 shipped
Pirelli PZero Tires: 275/35/20 Front and 335/30/20 Rear (only 1928 miles on the tires) Perfect tire for tuned car with aftermarket wheel. They just couldn't hold all 830 hp I have now. Same tires that come on lambo's oem (iirc) Oh, did I mention that these cost over $1700 new? sold

OEM Parts:
Intercoolers: $500
Coolant Reservoir (white plastic overflow reservoir): $45
OEM Intake Boxes & Filter: $65
OEM Springs: $60 (mostly shipping costs)
OEM Intake Pipes + Clamps +Hoses: Make offer
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GFB BOV's sold. I have Many parts for sale. Just haven't had time to collect. Basically, I have all OEM parts typically taken off while doing a major engine upgrade. Let me know if you have something specific you need.

edit: BOV's available. Buyer backed out last minute

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