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For Sale: Used set of 20" ADV6.01 Monoblock Forged Concave Wheels with 285/35/20 and 335/30/20 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires with TPMS

Absolutely stunning on a GTR, would get way more compliments on the wheels than the car. Nevermind the looks, they drove great. Being much lighter and having more rubber, the GTR cornered and accelerated way better than with the stock OEM wheel and tire package. The ride was also significantly smoother. So glad I did not get 21" wheels and tires. The combo of 20" forged ADV.1 wheels and 285/335 MPSS is in my opinion the best wheel and tire package you can get for both looks and performance.

Price - Priced for a Quick Sale at $4500 (US) + Shipping

Location: Calgary, Alberta

  • Size: Front 20X11 & Rear 20X12
  • Finish: Matte Gunmetal like finish.
  • Weight: Even though they are very large wheels and tires they are very light weight. Front wheels with 285/35/20 MPSS tires are approx. 54 lbs, and rear wheels with 335/30/20 MPSS are approx. 60lbs (my Premium OEM wheels with run flat tires were approx. Front 60lbs, and Rear 66lbs). Therefore, this wheel tire combo perform much better than stock.
  • Used for about 25,000 km (15,600 Miles).
  • Condition:
    • Wheels: have absolutely ZERO curb rash. Cosmetically almost perfect; only imperfections are a little bit of staining that probably could be removed with some Goo Gone and elbow grease (builds up over time with any wheels used on the street). Absolutely Zero vibration.
    • Tires: Rears are almost at their tread wear bars, so will need to be replaced soon. Front have plenty of tread and most likely could outlast another set of Rears.
  • Fit: This set of wheels were the first every made of this style from ADV.1. They are the very same ones featured on their website of this style on a GTR ( They were put on that CBA GTR for the photo shoot and then immediately sold to me for my DBA GTR. On the CBA car the fit was perfect, but on my DBA car the front rubbed a tiny bit on the suspension arm. Don't know why this happened; could be the alignment. Regardless, with a 3mm Spacer it no longer rubbed anywhere. A 1mm spacer would have worked, but I could not find any spacer narrower than 3mm. The stock lug nuts still had 7 full revolutions, so it was safe to use over the 25,000KM I drove on them. Therefore I'm including the spacers (high quality aluminum hub centric spacers).
Reason for Selling - Sold car. Needed something with a bigger back seat.

Shipping: Local pick up or Shipping to Canada or Continental US only, which is paid by buyer

Payment - Cash or Paypal (Gifted or 3% will be added to total)

More Pics available upon Request.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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