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Hey there guys! I recently got my hands on some rpf1s so these have been put on storage. I have a set of 4x 20x10.5 +22 gunmetal Five:AD S5:F wheels with 245/35/20 federal ss 595. They have been ridden on from May to August. Wheels and tires have less than 4K on them. There is rash on two of the wheels though that have been touched up.

Looking for $1400 OBO
Located in Socal. Not looking to ship due to the size and weight of the wheels+tires.

Wheel one (front): no imperfections

Wheel two (front): Has curbage that is touched up

Wheel three (rear): has curbage that is touched up

Wheel four (rear): small nick from tire shop

Meat on rear tires... yup

Meat on front tires... yup

Please ignore the camera date... I did not want to use cell phone pics and I havent updated this camera in a while.

Pics of the wheels on my car (were put on a week before hellaflush8)

Thanks guys. I can be reached at (714) 350-855nine. Text please. -Brian

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Wrong section to post the Honda wheels. Try the "other section"
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