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FS: ADV.1 - Trak function 21's with Pirelli's and TPMS

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I thought about selling my car, and the fact that I had ADV.1 wheels installed delayed my decision for a few weeks, but the time came, and I'm selling my new set of ADV.1 wheels.
The wheels are new and were only installed for the photoshoot. This is a new model and even newer for the GTR's.
Wheels are:

ADV 10 Trak function - 21x10.5 and 21x12.5 with Pirelli tires - 295/25/21 and 375/20/21 - Finish is Matte black center with Polish Gunmetal lips
US$ 7500.00

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Bump .... car is for sale with or without the wheels.
What's the weight on these?
I don't know off hand but I can check it. I know they are a lot lighter to the point you can feel right away.
Pm me your best price... Really interested...
Adv.1 usually don't open their offsets. The fitment is perfect. The only thing that made me keep the car a little longer was the wheels.
The math is really simple.
2300 for the tires, 200 for sensors, and figure how much you're paying for the wheels. Can't beat the price on a set of 3 piece 21" adv.1
Sale pending.
Back for sale again, buyer didn't pay.
Wheels sold. Thank you mike
Still avalibal? Pls more pictures
Hey buyer of the wheels, let's see some photos!
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