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I'm selling a brand new pair of OEM Nissan LED Driving Lights which can be easily mounted to the front of the GT-R.
All the original cables, ties and parts are included. Everything that you will need to install these will come in the box!
I have the original Nissan box that has never been opened (except to take pictures).
The reason I'm selling is because as many of you know, I sold my 2011 GT-R just recently and ordered these lights just before making
that decision.

The original price I paid for these lights were $1300 ($1150 for lights and $150 for optional bypass ( allows them to be on also at night.) + Shipping ( Retail for the kit alone is 1499.00). I ordered these from the extremely reliable Adrey from Specialized Performance.

I am selling them for only $1100 + shipping

Wood Shipping box Packaging and labeling Carton Packing materials

Automotive lighting Headlamp Electric blue Personal protective equipment Plastic

Automotive lighting Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Natural material


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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