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********* SOLD *************

For sale: COBB AccessPORT AP-NIS-005 for R35 GT-R.

This unit is used but in perfect working order. It was sent back to COBB for a full inspection and to have a new screen installed. The protective coating is still on the new screen which is why it looks so hazy in the photo.

MSRP $995. Sell for $575 shipped within North America.

Don't forget that you can always upgrade to the -006 TCM specs at anytime.

From the COBB website.

UPGRADE: If you currently have an AP-NIS-005 AccessPORT (GT-R ECU reflash only), you can upgrade your AccessPORT to AP-NIS-006 for $500. Please contact COBB Tuning Customer Support at 866.922.3059 or 512.777.2313 for more information and order processing.


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