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FS : Consult III

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Hello guys

Have consult III for sale , plus bluetooth dongle

Gadget Audio equipment Laptop accessory Rectangle Gas

Rectangle Automotive exterior Audio equipment Gadget Gas

Computer Output device Vehicle Product Car

Gadget Laptop accessory Computer hardware Gas Multimedia

Gadget Trunk Gas Audio equipment Automotive exterior

Rectangle Gadget Audio equipment Cable Multimedia

Handwriting Office equipment Office supplies Material property Gadget

I have OEM Docking station also but doub't anyone needs this

Office equipment Automotive tire Gas Watercraft Machine

Gallery with bigger pics here

Everything is in perfect condition , OEM Nissan , installed GTR software ( not the latest CD tough, i am waiting for new CD to arrive for me 'cause we also service GTR )

Asking price is 6 500$ + shipping from Europe , anyone interested contact me on PM for further info

I can get the OEM GTR CD and Card in reasonable time also if interested


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts