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Bought this used locally from another forum member back when I first got my car. Midpipe sounds and performs great. Only reason for selling is because I just installed catless DP's and the combo of that + this MP + my Meisterschaft was too loud ('s straight pipes ;) ).

Asking $250 + shipping (coming from Seattle, WA)

No hardware or gaskets. 76mm and 90mm gaskets can easily be purchased online for a few bucks each or reuse what's on your car. Also, there's some fraying in the metal mesh covering one of the flex joints. It was this way when I purchased it. It's merely cosmetic, no cracks, leaks, etc.

Here's the info from the GTM site: http://www.gtmotorin...products_id=163

Here are pics:

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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