TLDR; broke an axle and need a replacement but don't want to spring for expensive aftermarket axles? these are for you.

Long version; Stock axles. Came with a 2009 I bought that had had its axles upgraded to DSS, so I believe they are 2009 axles. Car had about 30k miles on it when I purchased it, so I assume that's about what these have. Disclaimer, buyer should not rely on this and is encouraged to do their own research on compatibility or ask any questions necessary. That said, I'm selling these for cheap money and would rather toss them in the trash than play 21 questions.

Contact info: PM me. Not posting my phone or email on a public forum post.

Methods of payment you will accept: PayPal, wire transfer, Zelle, Venmo, cash etc.
All of the above

Shipping: Yes or no and or local pick up only.
Yes, buyer pays actual

Reason for selling: No longer own a GTR, want cash, stuff is taking up space in my garage

also listed on facebook marketplace and ebay