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Up for sale is a brand new in box Synapse synchronic bov kit for the Nissan GT-R. It is made to replace the factory BOV's.

"Synapse Nissan GTR-35 Twin BOV kit brings the iconic Synchronic BOV to the R35 GTR. We have performed significant on-track and on-road testing of these units on the GTR to insure compatibility and maximum performance. This is a direct bolt-on kit that replaces the factory diaphragm diverter valves with fast-acting piston-actuated Synchronic BOVs. The kit comes complete with all necessary hardware for installation. You will also find Synapse boost-connect fittings and hoses included.

By design, it is a pull-type valve only. This means that boost pressure keeps it closed, meaning no boost leaks upwards of 100+ psi of boost. It operates in a normally open condition. This means that it is designed to remain open under vacuum conditions. For maximum performance and reliability, it is recommended to install the Synchronic BOV in a re-circulated configuration with the discharge between the MAF sensor and turbocharger inlet."

^^ Quick excerpt from site.

** flanges would have to be purchased from synapse, or we could source them for you for additional cost**

$420 +shipping.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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