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Hello guys,

for sale here is a wheel setup that I have laying around as I went through a couple of sets recently, and this is the last of them

The wheels are 19x10 +35 Advan RG-D's (Gold) wrapped in 265/30/19 Yokohama Advan Neova AD08's
+ Subaru TPMS sensors & hubcentric rings, so they would be perfect for an STi owner

(the fitment was used on my STi, and is very evo friendly too, the wheels can work on a GT-R, but I don't know if the rolling diameter would be correct

The wheels are in great shape, they had a few moinor rock chips, and one wheel had a very minor scratch on the lip (barely touching the curb). The wheels were touched up properly, no visual flaws, and no crack or any structure problems.

One of the wheels have a few dings on the inner lip (not visible once on the car, and that was due to an incorrect setup where that wheel was hitting the coilover for a couple of days (check the pics)

I am located in Houston, TX, but will ship these anywhere in the US, or possibly even internationally if the buyer is willing to pay for shipping.

Since I really want to get rid of these (I need the garage space), I will let them go, with tires, shipped for $3200, I may entertain acceptable offers if you are in the ballpark, so feel free to PM and ask

All 4 wheels

Wheel 1:

Wheel 2:

Wheel 3: (the one with the inner lip dings from hitting the coilover)

Wheel 4:

The tires have plenty of tread left on them as can be seen from the first picture, but here is a close up of one (all tires are pretty much in the same condition):

Pictures on the car:

and my favorite poster :D

Hope to find them a good new home

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