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For Sale[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]- Used Good Condition SBD 1050cc injectors with Plug and Play Adapters[/background]

Details[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)] - Used 1050cc injectors, no issues and used for 2k miles on my FBO E85 setup tuned by Ben Linney on Ecutek and also used for 300 miles on my Built 3.8 block on gt28 turbos on pump gas with no issues tuned. starts up and idles like stock, drives like stock. Good route for those going FBO E85. [/background]

Reason for Selling[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)] - Only reason for selling is because i went with ID1700cc injectors since I'm running e85 with built block and upgraded turbos. otherwise i would keep these. [/background]

Shipping[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)] - Local pick up or Shipping to Continental US only, which is paid by buyer [/background]

Price[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)] - $400 shipped [/background]

Payment[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)] - Paypal -Gifted or 3% will be added to total[/background]

[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Contact: PM[/background]


1 - 2 of 2 Posts