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Hey Guys,

We all know the way to make power is to pump more air through the engine, in order to keep your engine happy you gotta feed it enough fuel to stay happy. we have used Injector Dynamics for years with great success, ID injectors are built well idle well, have perfect drive-ability and are all around good injectors. we have three different flow rates ready for shipping,

ID1000 are the injectors for the guys in stock frame turbo chargers looking to play with a little bit more power than the factory equipped engines can produce. we have the complete PNP kit and the 48mm short injector kits ready to ship!

MSRP $720 PM for pricing!

The ID1300's are ID's newest injector, developed together with Bosch Motorsports the ID1300 injectors are made of all Stainless Steel internal components primarily for developed for the Ethanol fuel owners with the gasoline owners in mind. The injectors have consistent flow rates and pulse widths so even on standard gasoline engines they will idle well and drive-ability is not compromised. much like the 1000's with the added head room.

MSRP $1350.00 PM for pricing!
For the big boys, the guys with the big turbos shooting for the monster horse power. we have the ID2200's this is for the guys with the stoker engines, using exotic fuels big boost, just the guys looking to blow the competition away. make sure your R35 has enough fuel to keep the demand for the boost!

MSRP $1440.00 PM for pricing!

please feel free to PM, e-Mail ([email protected]) or call (866-350-1005 x2287) me if you have any questions!
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