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Fuel sending units

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Took the car into dealer to have the guage light problem fixed, while I was there I had mentioned another issue I had only noticed once.
Driving one day I noticed I the gas light come on, which itself is normal but a few days before I had half tank. I don't drive the car much but either way I didnt think too much about it until later. As I am driving across town the DTE (distance til empty) mileage started going down very fast, then went blank (which means on fumes). I got scared like I was about to run out of gas then it started going back up until almost half then all was normal.
Fast foward to dealer, they diagnosed the problem as the fuel sending units (yes two of them). One of them being attached to the fuel pump assy., so they are replacing both units including the fuel pumps.
Just wondering if this has been a problem or what?

Thanks Jerry
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Good to know. I took my GTR on a road trip, and out in the middle of nowhere my distance to empty jumped from about 50 to 30 to -- in less than 3 minutes, at 70mph. I did not see the estimate go back up, however, it just continued to blink at me until I found a gas station. I've been meaning to take her in to get it looked at. I've been able to replicate it twice now, being careful to be much closer to a gas station than the first time. Btw, I've got an 8 month old 2010, with about 3k miles.

Great. Another issue to look forward to. Glad I have the extended warranty.
Time to get an extended warranty it seems, yeahhh (sarcasm)
I have a 2009 as well, but it isn't a DD so these little issues may not have crept up yet.
Finally got around to calling my dealer's service depot. He said to bring it on in, he's had a few others with this problem. So, drive around a bit and see if yours does the same. Get it replaced when you've still got your warranty.

This happened to me this weekend. I was driving back from Vegas and passing barstow noticed I had 1/2 a tank left so I kept going. A minute later...noticed my gas tank gauge dropping Within 20 seconds I was on empty with 0 miles!
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