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Ever got a itch to get in your car in the middle of night and let it loose? Well we bring the cure, Midnight Cruise. Itch away........

For the past 3 years it's been running strong and it's back again:

>Speed & Mischief - Midnight Cruise IV<
When: 12/17/2011
Where: Location will only be disclosed to registered attendees
Time: 12:00am till whenever we stop
Route: 100miles lap around Atlanta, only shared with registered attendees.

This Midnight Cruise is nothing, but raw seat time while you cruise with cars such as Ferrari F430, GTR, Viper, NSX, STI, EVO, Z06, Lotus, 911 Turbo, GT2, M3, M5, Classic Muscle cars, and other highly modified cars. We see all these cars at car shows all the time, but how many times do you get to cruise & play with them? ;)

As usual there will be a private dinner for all the attendees as a well known local restaurant. Post Midnight Cruise, space will be reserved at a local lounge/restaurant for everyone to go back, network, and brag...I mean share their experience.

Cost for the event is $40 per person.

To initiate registration for the event:
1: Email [email protected] your full name, and passenger's (if any), phone number, make/model of vehicle bringing along with a picture.

2: Follow up email with be sent to your with registration forms, and payment directions.

Some footage from past few Midnight Cruises:
Dominic49 - Speed and Mischief Rally - YouTube
Midnite Cruise Extended Cut - YouTube
Speed and Mischief Midnight Cruise Teaser HD!!! - YouTube

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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