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Sorry - skipped over the build specs.

Show up with a flat bed and the local police with your title in hand.

So many stories like this over the years. I remember one guy spending $250k over 2-3 years and picked his car up as a roller and a separate truck with boxes.

Honestly no easy way at this point. Hardest part is going to find a shop that will take it next.

Good luck.

Maybe if someone on here knows Farooq personally they can call and mediate a release for you - if I did, I would.
Unbelievable. But reality when there's another similar story to what is currently going on with my buddy for over 2 years with another NE shop - I'll keep names out of it but DM if interested..

The sad part is he's a nice guy and doesn't deserve it, but he couldn't stop bragging about modifying it. Even sadder is I've been through 2 turn key GTR's and 3 other cars that I've let him drive since his has been in the shop..
1 - 1 of 40 Posts