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OK, I'm feeling a bit kiss-assy today, but it's not often we just say thank you to the guys who run and maintain our forum.

I've been a member of several other automotive forums and NAGTROC has consistently been the best run, best policed, and has the best membership of any (except maybe the very small site we have for our local Z-club... but then you are talking a site of dozens rather than thousands).

So, thank you to all the folks who make it possible for us to while away free time each day talking about, arguing about, and just loving our GT-Rs! Keep up the great work!

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this is one of the best forums
where i spend most of my free time lol

learned so much about this wonderful car and everyone is very open to helping other members out!

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I agree, this is a great forum! Learning and laughing are great benefits. @ mgfan/thewraith: I should try mbworld, too... might still have my acct but inactive for a couple of yrs now...
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