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GoPro HD, Mounting, and Perhaps Some Other OT Questions?

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I started a thread in the R35 forum that so far I have not delivered upon. There's a video of a father/son team, where the father instructing the son on the 'launch' mode. That whetted my appetite to drag out the GoPro and take a video or two.

So far the GoPro HD/Hero is windshield mounted (inside) with the compression mount and does a decent job of recording as I have the open case that also picks up sound nicely. The test videos I have made are simply boring, and don't convey the 'spirit' of the 'ride'. I'm shooting 720/60fps and honestly, might as well be viewing a golf cart launching. Any suggestions from some of you GoPro buffs on mounting, perhaps 30fps better ???

Also, while not a meaning of life question, and the question of course seems provocative in that it's not asking for information but rather commenting on a practice that seems to be prevalent on vehicles being photographed (I also belong to motorcycle forums where this is done). What does the photographer hope to accomplish 'blocking' out the license plate in a photo. It's not like the whole free world does not see it in real life? I honestly am asking am I missing something?

Last question, is there any forum that caters to OT subjects: e.g. road rage, no blinkers, texting while driving, road idiots, University of GA qb an idiot, Alabama 8.5 point spread over ND?
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