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Hello i just ordered a nissan GTR
And during overseas shipment the cobb handheld was stolen
They left the dongle that plugs into the obd port and wire that plug into the handheld ( so i have these 2)

The car has some mods ( injectors/ downpipe / y pipe / exhaust / intake / bov )
I dont know all of them since i did not get a mod list when buying this car

My question is whould i be able to just buy a new handheld and be able to swap thru the previous tunes on the car
Or will all tunes be lost if i install a new cobb?

Also if for example tunes are lost
Can this car be remote tuned without going to a dyno ( where i live there is no 4wd dyno) And what tuner would be best option

Hope to get some info
Thanks in advance

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I would switch to ecutek and get your own custom tune so you can see and control more things.

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Ok great thanks @TwistedGray @Wicked
I was suggested to contact Sam Barros since he tunes gtrs
Does anyone have his contact info
Or contact info of a very good gtr tuner
You can find Sam on Facebook (Mag-log in sa Facebook)

I was looking into getting mine retuned, and here's the boiler plate info that he sent me (to save you a few minutes)...

Here is my process and pricing for remote tunes:
1- Send me an e-mail to [email protected] with:
Vehicle model year and region.
Complete, detailed list of engine modifications.
Transmission build level or modifications.
Tire type and sizes.
Fuels run (91? 93? E85?).
Ecutek Dongle ID (if tuning on Ecutek and not using phone flash)
Any other particular goals (drag racing for example).
I start work after payment: I can mail out a Square credit card invoice, or you can PayPal or Zelle: [email protected]
Pricing is as follows:
$700 for FBO,
$1200 Upgraded Turbo cars,
+100 if you are running a 12 Injector setup.
+100 for flames / pops and bangs.
If you need Ecutek Credits, or PhoneFlash, I can also provide those.
Please try and send the info and payment the same day, otherwise when the payment comes in I may not know what vehicle that payment is for.

That price covers the ECM and TCM tune files with as many revisions as needed for 3 months.
I ask for 3 business days after payment to get the base file out, and revisions normally take 1-2 business days. I strive to be faster when possible but holidays, events, and my work schedule can affect this sometimes. I typically work mornings and evenings.

Here are prices on Ecutek hardware if you don’t have it already:
ECU Connect Bluetooth interface: $300
Phone Flash License: $250
ECM License (pre-2019): $420
TCM License: $245

^ Note: Pricing was from early June, so use that as a reference guide.
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